vineri, 6 noiembrie 2009


probabil toata lumea care traieste in secolul asta si are internet [sau macar calculator] a auzit de magnificul si mirificul YOUTUBE! tema zilei de azi este 'cele mai stupide dar amuzante porcarii de pe youtube'...brought to you by, yours trully, button! :))

1. Charlie The Unicorn
2. The Italian Man Who went to Malta

3. Salad Fingers
4. Llama Song
5. Llamas with Hats
6.Family Guy - Lois Mom
7. The Asumption Song
8. The Facebook Problem
9. Simon's Cat
10. Looking For Group - Slaughter Your World

ps: daca mai aveti sugestii de alte chestii tampite de pe youtube, lasati un coment... :))

SONG OF THE DAY: Les Elephants Bizarres-Have no fear LYRIC OF THE DAY: White lies/ Just another white lie/ I did it to get close to you/ And I will tell a million more...

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  1. well, 1st of all, Family Guy e de fapt televiziune
    2nd of all: da un mic search pe iutub - "puffincat". E my fav :D