vineri, 13 februarie 2009

happy ANTIvalentine's day! :D

si ca sa fiu si eu ‘cul’ [vezi sa nu! :))]o sa va prezint si eu o chestie antiValentine’sDay...sunt cateva paragrafe din Foamy[Neurotically Yours] cu adugari de catre mine, ca sa iasa ceva cu inteles...’happy’ valentine’s day y’all! :))

I hate this Valentines Day crap! You know, just because some fucking naked baby with wings flying around, shooting people, all of the sudden we're supposed to fall in love! Valentines Day is just a holiday where, you know, the guy acts nice for one day out a year, with the assumption that a girl is gonna sleep with him on that day, just because he went out and bought a five dollar box of it's kind of like, a legal prostitution thing, if you come to think about it. Here's some chocolate, sleep with me! Here's some jewelry, sleep with me!
Yeah, you’re probably saying something like “Oh this chick hates Valentines Day because she doesn’t have a boyfriend and she’s so jealous that I have one, so she wants to spoil my Valentines Day! Oh, the agony!”. Yeah, I don’t have a boyfriend because I don’t need to validate my existence through the existence of somebody else. Having a girlfriend/boyfriend does not make you a better person, nor does it prove to the rest of your friends that you’re cool. I’m personally 100% confident in my own personality, to be able to live a viable existence without having to have a fucking leech clinging to my wallet! The rest of humanity would do well to follow my example! Stop getting into superficial relationship bullshit! Most of the individuals’ misery usually comes from a significant other, a bad relationship, a bad marriage, or some bullshit like that. How about getting to know yourself, and living life?
So let that be a lesson to all of you out there: Valentine's Day is not for you! Okay?!

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  1. "The rest of humanity would do well to follow my example!"
    Oooh, the pain (in my stomach for laughing so hard when I read this:)))
    You go sistah:>

  2. sistah? :)) da mara,stiu ca ai probelme,te inteleg... :)) >:D<
    si da anca...i've been working on my evil laugh :)))))

  3. da da da da esti mai mult decat rea..evil :)))) vd sucks's commercial

    dar macar avem dragobete ;))
    vrei bomboana de dragobete?;))

  4. da ma da, sistah...stii, ca a sunat foarte negro trb asta:)) anyways, Vasilica si Ghita te contrazic! Ei spun c atu ai probleme.
    Now gimme the goddamn cookie!

  5. trb asta reprezentat articolul tau...sau cel putin fraza aia...

  6. deh oamenii nu recunosc arta adevarata :-J :))

  7. vreau papitoi:((
    :-j next valentine daca nu primesc papitoi
    o sa fie vina ta